Importance of Layout

Proper layout enhances the look of the particular object and the objects as a whole. Layouts enhances the aesthetics of the entire group of projects. When it comes to website design, layout is given top most priority as this makes a webpage look attractive thereby grabbing users to the website. Layouts makes the website looks very attractive irrespective of whether the website contains attractive graphics or not.

For proper layout of website design, it is essential to know the following things:

# Resolutions being used by the visitors to the website.

# Most important portions of a webpage on the entire website design.

# Expectations of the visitors to the website.

# Color scheme of the webpage design.

# Browsers informations that are being used by the visitors to the website.

It is found that mostly visitors use either 800x600 resolution or 1024x768 resolution. So it becomes necessary that the layout of the website design should be made keeping in mind these resolutions. Otherwise the entire website design might get distorted when viewed through other resolution.

It is also necessary to find those portions of the website design that attracts the first attention of the visitors. Generally top left hand corner portion is the area where the visitors gets the first attention.

The layout of the website should also be made keeping in mind the expectation of the visitors to the website. If the website layout is made "JAZZY" and the website is on some serious topic that the visitors to the website might loose interest on the website.

The color scheme of the website design must synchronize with the layout of the entire website design. Otherwise it doesn't look good at all.

Different browsers takes different settings. A particular settings that looks good on one browser doesn't necessary mean that it will look great on the other browsers as well. If this is not taken care properly, then it might happen that the entire website design will get distorted. All the efforts of making the website design will get distorted because of that.


There are many factors that adds up in order to make the website design. One of the most important factor is Webpage layout. It plays a significant role in order to make the website design a success.


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